Angels & Demons

We delivered over 170 shots and contributed outstanding environments and digital FX in several major scenes, most notably a photoreal recreation of one of the largest and oldest churches in Rome, The Pantheon. Unable to film on Vatican property the production built a minimal set of the Pantheon interior, of just two chapels and one altar. We were then tasked with creating the remainder of this iconic structure which stretches 140 feet in diameter and 140 feet in height, comprising a further five chapels, seven altars, intricate marble flooring and the great domed ceiling with its nine metre Oculus.
We spent six months crafting the sequence, starting with previs, then on set in LA and on location in Rome.  In addition to the overall architecture, the Pantheon has many organic objects including ten feet high statues sitting on grand altars, which we authentically recreated and we also undertook a green screen motion control shoot at Twickenham Studios to create an entirely CG shot for when Langdon and cohort Vittoria Vetra enter the church, which opens the sequence.

Angels & Demons Cover

Work Overview

170+ shots
CG Set Extensions (inc Pantheon build), hypoxia effects and fixes
Delivered April 2009


Ron Howard
David Koepp & Akiva Goldsmith (Screenplay)
Dan Brown (Novel)
Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor & Ayelet Zurer